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Flying in a group is more fun  The open parachute  Feet on the ground  The world behind you  All ready for the fall  Laereo that takes you high

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Description of Moli - DZone

In Moli - Dzone you can do two of the most exciting activities that exist: tandem jump and skydiving. If you are a person who likes strong emotions, come and visit us.

We have several courses that you can attend: both for experts and for those who are starting to enter this world.

The tandem jump is perfect for those beginners who, for the first time, want to experience the sensation of flying. Before making the jump, you will be given a training lesson where you will learn how to move in the void, how to wear clothes and some of the technique of this activity.

After the theoretical part, you will get on the plane and you will be secured in the teacher's harness. Once you reach the altitude of about 4000 meters, you will finally be ready to jump. You will fall into the air up to the height established for the opening of the parachute.

At this point, you will descend slowly dominating the landscape from above.

If you carry out the activity with friends, we have an area where they can wait for you. For minors under 18, parents must be present.

Everyone will be able to see your adventure, the entire experience will be recorded by a professional, to keep a good memory of the moment.

For experts, the school offers two courses:

• The AFF course. It is structured in 7 jumps, one for each difficulty level, to be carried out in free fall. During the first four jumps, you will be accompanied by two instructors. Subsequently, only one teacher will follow you in the descent and then complete independently.

• The TAFF course. It has a step by step approach and requires a series of preliminary wind tunnel lessons, where you will learn a lot of technique. Then, you will perform 5 jumps: four with the instructors and the last one alone.

We are the only school that offers both courses, to offer anyone the opportunity to experience the true sensation of flying.

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