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Description of New Sky Center

If you want to experience the thrill of a free fall jump from 4000 m, book your flight now with New Sky Center!

With just 15 minutes of preparation, you can jump attached to the instructor using a special harness (TANDEM jump). It will be 60 seconds of pure adrenaline falling at a speed of more than 200 km/h. A video operator will film all the phases of your high altitude adventure (preparation, free fall and landing) to always keep a beautiful memory with you to share with friends and relatives.

The equipment used is the most modern and safe on the market and is certified by the National Civil Aviation Authority.

New Sky Center is also an Official Parachute Verification and Folding Center authorized by the E.N.A.C. which offers services of:

Inspection and folding of the reserve parachute. A complex procedure, necessary for the safety of the student, which consists of several steps: from placing the bag on the ground to inserting the loop puller inside the pilot.

Inspection and folding of rescue parachutes. Essential equipment for cases of extreme necessity.

Three-yearly review of parachutes(reserve and rescue) andE.N.A.C. certification. The National Civil Aviation Authority is the only one responsible for issuing the parachutist license.

Sail repair; replacement of cables and/or funicular bundles; repair of harnesses/containers;

AAD installation and maintenance: CYPRES and FXC. These are automatic opening devices, basic in AFF courses where the student begins the first launches independently.

Assembling new and used materials.

New Sky Center remains at your disposal to give you splendid flight experiences.

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