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Via Renato Serra,34 47924 Rimini (City)Rimini
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Description of Paracadutisti di Rimini

Parachutists Rimini is a skydive school active in the airspace of Ravenna, which offers jumps in Tandem and complete training courses for sport parachuting .

With this center you can start from the first, exciting, experimentation of free fall and open parachute gliding and, perhaps, get your parachuting license.

The school offers two-seater parachute jumps suitable for complete newbies who want to experience this indescribable emotion and, who knows, let themselves be so fascinated by the adrenaline rush of flying as to start a real training course in this discipline.

The tandem is the most suitable flight for those beginners who want to compete with an extreme sport. Equipped with the appropriate equipment and secured in the harness of an instructor, descend in free fall from a height of 4000 meters.

You will fall into the void at a speed of 200 km / h and you will feel the air pressure on your face, until the moment when the teacher opens the parachute. At this point the descent will be slow and you will enjoy the splendid Romagna landscape with its coast and the sand of its beaches.

For those who already have clear ideas and already have flying experience, Paratroopers of Rimini is the perfect group with which to undertake their training and training. The courses organized deal with sports parachuting and rely on the renowned and now widespread American method AFF , which allows fast and in-depth learning with its combination of classroom lessons and progressive level launches.

The course is structured in two parts: one theoretical and the other practical. The first moment is performed on the ground and will focus on providing an introduction to aspiring paratroopers. During the second phase, the launches are made directly.

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