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VIA BIFFI, 5 21047 SaronnoVarese
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Description of Paracadutisti Saronno

The Sports Association Parachutists Saronno was born in 2001 as a reference point for sports and recreational parachuting enthusiasts in Saronno and its province. Our program includes the following options:

  • Binding Rope Course - with static line parachute wing; a classic approach to parachuting of military origin; about 10 lessons on the ground followed by a series of jumps of increasing level; the jumps are assisted by radio by an instructor on the ground
  • Course A.F.F . - with free fall accelerated wing parachutes; an accelerated training method to start immediately with free fall jumps; it is divided into levels (7 in total) and mixes theory and practical launches in the company of the instructors
  • Tandem skydiving (Tandem ) - a fun introduction to skydiving that requires no special training; the launches are carried out with a special harness attached to that of an expert instructor, who will safely control all phases of the launch until landing; the cost of the launch includes a theoretical and practical lesson and the rental of parachute, helmet, goggles, suit and altimeter

If you wish to enroll in our courses or book a tandem jump, send your request to Parachutists Saronno !

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