Scuola di Paracadutismo Belluno

Via Caduti 14 Settembre 1944 32100 Belluno (City) (Belluno)
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Description of Scuola di Paracadutismo Belluno

The Belluno Parachuting School organizes training courses for parachutists and tandem jumps at the airport for all those who want to experience, even just once, the thrill of free fall.

Our activities are aimed at everyone ( from 16 years upwards ) and are carried out in full compliance with safety standards. Skydiving is an exciting sport and, at the same time, easy to learn.

Each course includes a theoretical training phase, followed by practical launches in the company of the instructors. The established altitude is 1200 meters and the descent takes place with an automatic opening parachute. All movements are guided by radio.

If, on the other hand, you want to try a tandem jump with the instructor, you just need to book your flight without undergoing any kind of preliminary training.

In this case, you will be secured in the harness of a professional skydiver who will be able to coordinate your every movement on the descent. By helicopter, during take off, you will receive a quick theoretical introduction to the discipline and you will be equipped with the necessary equipment. In the free fall phase, before opening the parachute and enjoying the splendid panorama, you will reach 300 km / h.

The price of the service includes accident insurance and it is possible to have a video recording of the downhill: from the jump to the landing.

All the necessary equipment is provided by the Belluno Parachuting School .

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