Scuola di Paracadutismo di Salerno

Aeroporto Salerno Costa d'Amalfi 84098 Pontecagnano Faiano (Salerno)
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Description of Scuola di Paracadutismo di Salerno

Skydiving School of Salerno since 1953 is the meeting point for all the paratroopers present in southern Italy.
Thanks to our experience and our professionalism we can count on the best materials on the market and with a truly modern school that follows the most advanced teaching techniques.

Among our services we have:

  • AFF course. Accelerated free fall, it is a modern way of teaching with innovative free fall techniques. No athletic training is required, only a great desire for adrenaline-pumping emotions. A theoretical and a practical part can be distinguished. The theoretical preparation consists of about 8 hours and is carried out on the ground, they will use different multimedia tools to facilitate teaching. During the first jumps, the pupil will be accompanied by two instructors, jumpmasters, who will assist him and correct him in the positions to be maintained . During the launches there will also be a videoman, who will take care of filming the jumps so that you can see them on the ground. The AFF course is divided into 7 levels, each level includes different lessons and different exercises. After the initial three levels, only one jumpmaster will jump with the pupil and in the last levels it will not be necessary to have any type of jumpmaster in contact with the pupil.
  • Round parachute course. This is an innovative course that is needed to have an official patent, consists of about 50 hours, with lessons from Monday to Friday, of about 9 hours a day. There are 3 jumps and are carried out from an altitude of 500 meters with a round parachute. They will always take place with weather conditions permitting.
  • Services. The jump area is located in the Salerno / Pontecagano Airport. To make your pupils feel at home, our association has some agreements with hotels where our guests will be able to stay.

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