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Description of Sunflyers

Sunflyers is a meeting point for all lovers of parachuting and flying, the sports association operating in the province of Catania which promotes and develops the "culture of the air" .

The project is open to all those who pursue the topical dream of man to soar in the air , particularly suitable for those who join the practice for the first time, for the great rigor, contagious passion and great competence of the staff, ideal for embarking on a long journey together in the world of skydiving, but it is also a close-knit group ready to welcome those who are already active in sports skydiving and want to improve themselves or find adventure companions.

The Association is affiliated with the Italian Parachuting Federation (FIPa.S.), therefore, by joining Sunflyers you will receive the annual validity card that will allow you to take part to all the activities organized by the association during the current year and enjoy all the advantages and conventions offered by the same.

Being a member regularly enrolled in Sunflyers means being able to participate in the weekends dedicated to parachuting, attend thematic workshops and take part in sporting events and social parties promoted by the center. Our group life is also very active with outings and holidays together and allows you to purchase technical material by taking advantage of special agreements.

The two fundamental activities of parachuting can be considered the Tandem jump and the A.F.F course .

The first is the best way to make contact with the jump and decide if skydiving is the right sport for you. In addition to allowing you to experience the real thrill of free fall, it will allow you to tackle the activity without particular theoretical paths or previous knowledge, since the instructor will simply give you a short 25-minute pre-launch informative briefing.

The Accelerated Free Fall course, on the other hand, is the real course that allows you to jump on your own with a training course that is shorter than normal and highly effective.

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