Volare Indoor

Viale Stelvio, 72 20159 Milano (City)Milan
Learn everything from the instructor  Flight camera  You can feel free alone  You can do it with your friends  It will be a unique sensation  Everyone is waiting to watch the activity

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Description of Volare Indoor

Flying Indoor is the center where you can do the most fun, exciting and unforgettable activity of your life.

What initially represented a form of training for professional skydivers, has now become a perfect birthday present.

The center offers three different courses to learn to fly:

• The first course teaches you the basics of flight in the wind tunnel . You will always be in the company of an instructor, so there is no need to be afraid. You will learn the main movements.

• The second course is perfect for learning more precise and more difficult movements. You will be able to have more technique.

• The third and final course is aimed at professionals. That is, those who already have a indoor flight base. This course will allow you to fly in a group. It's a lot of fun.

The Team Flying activity, or Team Building of indoor flying to be carried out in a group with your workmates, is currently very popular.

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