Campo Base Dronero

Dronero 12029 DroneroCuneo
 modern snowshoes in very light materials  a beautiful snowshoe hike  our beautiful landscapes  Snowshoes are also for the little ones  A snowshoe hike uphill, fun is guaranteed  a nice group photo

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Description of Campo Base Dronero

If you like mountains and snow you are in the right place! Give yourself a day in the snowy landscapes of northern Italy!

The Base Camp is waiting for you in the province of Cuneo to give you one of the most exciting experiences ever!

The Base Camp offers you fantastic courses and excursions on snowshoes! What are snowshoes? Snowshoes also commonly called snowshoes are a new and innovative snow tool. If you have never tried the experience of a snowshoe excursion, Base Camp is here for you to start the adventure! Snowshoes are made of plastic, a very light that will allow you to walk on fresh snow, the structure of the tool increases the surface area so you can float on the snow without sinking! Come and have this incredible experience!

This new winter sport is suitable for everyone, bring your friends or family with you and let the fun begin! The Base Camp you provides the necessary equipment and safety is guaranteed ! This new fun sport is for everyone, there are no age limits, both children and adults are welcome to play in the snow!

Don't miss this opportunity, go to Base Camp and you won't regret it!

If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us we will give you more information.

Discover the pleasure of a long snowshoe hike and enjoy the snowy nature.

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