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 Also Ideal For Women  Evolutions in the Air  Our Lake at Sunset  Glides On The Shore  Always On The Crest Of The Wave.

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Description of Sci Nautico Lariano

Any of you wondering what wakeboarding is? It was born, as almost always, in the USA thanks to a group of surfers who invented this discipline to overcome the boring days without waves.

It is one of the emerging board sports, it is practiced a lot in the summer and takes its cue from water skiing, snowboarding and surfing, in fact, fans of the world of boards are the greatest enthusiasts.

With the Wakebord you can let yourself be towed by a motorboat, using a special board, and taking advantage of the wave created by the motor vehicles you can make various evolutions and very spectacular jumps.

If you want to try it in Italy you have to go to the largest lakes and the sea .. so if you are passionate about boards why not try it with us !?

Larian Water Ski with its federal instructors will be able to assure you excellent theoretical practical lessons.

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