Easykite Surfing Lab a.s.d Wakeboard

Viale Roma, 38 37018 MalcesineVerona
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Description of Easykite Surfing Lab a.s.d Wakeboard

Easykite Surfing Lab a.s.d Wakeboard is the active water sports school on Lake Garda.

The association active in the splendid setting of Malcesine, in the province of Verona, with a Kite House positioned directly on the shores of the lake, also offers courses of Wakeboard , the fusion between water skiing and snowboarding.

You will be able to carry out evolutions on your table by taking advantage of the momentum of the waves created by the towing boat and discovering this other way to have fun on the lake that will allow you to live your days on the crest of the wave even on occasions of poor wind that does not allow you to go out with the kite.

Wakeboard is also the ideal way to learn to use the table, thanks to our trained and qualified instructors who will guide you step by step, technically and as far as training is concerned, in this intense sport and dynamic, revealing all the tricks to fully enjoy the potential offered.

Don't miss the opportunity, come and discover all the activities of Easykite Surfing Lab a.s.d Wakeboard and the other proposals of the association.

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