Band Of Brothers Soft Air

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 Discussing Strategies Attack  Fun And Harmless Simulations  Fantastic Environments  In Closed Scenarios  Camouflaged To Strike

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Description of Band Of Brothers Soft Air

Band Of Brothers Soft Air welcomes you to its association which is located in the province of Rome and is dedicated to the practice of soft air!

The atmosphere that you will meet with us is unmistakable, here you can breathe an air of family in which you share a healthy passion for sport and each one makes his experiential contribution for the spread of this practice.

We are all motivated and animated by the same passion that takes us to the pitch every Sunday.

To participate in the meetings and training of the team, it is necessary to sign a regular annual registration with the association, presenting a medical certificate that confirms one's suitability for sporting activity.

Registration is necessary because it allows you to access all the team's proposals and participate in competitions.

We are entrusted to the CSEN and the ASC.

Airsoft is an adventure sport increasingly widespread in all countries, not only in our country, thanks to the fun of immersing yourself in a combat simulation, adrenaline, and in which Airsoft players (men and women) are divided in two or more teams that identify their leader and cooperate in order to achieve a common goal.

Each player receives his reproduction of weapons that help the player to complete the mission that has been entrusted to him and the team to win the game, but we must not think of a contact game, the fundamental aspects of this sport are in fact others, such as the development of strategy and creativity.

The softgunner immediately learns to manage the game in the name of sportsmanship, respecting both the environment and his opponent.

Our sport is also one of the solutions that best suit the needs of businesses and can easily adapt to team building or incentives .

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