Gruppo Speleologico Guidonia Montecelio

Via Douhet 1 3288245272 Guidonia MontecelioRome
 Caggiano Chiavica del Fuggiasco  Arpino  La Porta  Carpineto

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Description of Gruppo Speleologico Guidonia Montecelio

The Guidonia Montecelio Speleological Group is a group dedicated to karst studies active in the Roman town of the same name, whose team, together with that of Shaka Zulu Subiaco , forms the Cornicolana School of Speleology , engaged in the training of new professionals in the scientific field with the organization of first level courses in compliance with the provisions of the National Commission for Speleology Schools, a body of the Italian Speleological Society.

The courses are set up every year and, as established, have a duration of one month, for courses complete with 5 classroom sessions followed by five output lessons 5 in an underground environment.

All the theoretical didactic part is managed by instructors and professionals of the sector and of the various subjects that have to do with speleology; in fact, the themes of topography, first aid in the cave, the characteristics and relative protection of the underground environment are touched upon.

As far as the practical activities are concerned, on the other hand, there is a training day on rope progression techniques, to be carried out in a climbing wall and, subsequently, 3 cave descents with a progressively increasing technical difficulty and a progression in gorge.

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