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Description of Speleonauti

If you like to dedicate your free time to contact with nature and spend hours in the open air, then Speleonauti and his excursions to discover the power of nature and the intervention of his hands on the territory, they are just what is right for you!

The company was born from the need to have a point of reference and comparison in which caving and mountain lovers in general could share their experiences and organize themselves to make their own excursions in the cave and not.

This is how the Speleonauts forum was born, a space where you can talk and organize weekend expeditions.

Spending your free time in the name of adventure will help you to release yourself from the daily stress and also to appreciate all the wonders that surround us.

Become a "Speleonaut" , wonderful excursions await you! Contact us for more information on how to join the forum.

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