Guided tour of the mysteries of Castel del Monte

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Lecce (City), Lecce
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Description of Guided tour of the mysteries of Castel del Monte

Built at the behest of Emperor Frederick II Hohenstaufen of Swabia during the 13th century, the imposing medieval construction of Castel del Monte is recognized today as one of the most important buildings of the period in southern Italy.

Its absolutely peculiar shape made of 8 sides and composed of 8 octagonal towers has fueled the mystery around the real function of this construction which was clearly not a castle and is, due to its position in the heart of the Murgia , totally devoid of defensive value.

With our guides you too can discover the mysteries that lie behind this important building recognized as a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

During the excursion, our guide will illustrate the theories elaborated by historians about the history of Castel del Monte and you can admire the splendid panorama of the Alta Murgia National Park
enjoyed at the castle: an absolutely unique spectacle!

The hill on which it stands is located in an elevated position with respect to the region and allows the eye to sweep over a large part of the Apulian territory, up to the coast.

You will be able to access the rooms of the castle together with the guide who will help you not to miss even one of the peculiarities of its architecture.

The history of the castle is somewhat troubled, on the one hand the numerological mysteries of its design, based on the recurrence of the number 8, on the other hand the long abandonment that affected it and which resulted in the loss of all its furnishings and its transformation into a refuge for brigands or during transhumance.

The castle was resurrected in 1876 when, aware of the great importance of this structure, the State bought it to protect the extraordinary mix of styles and artistic influences contained in it: from the influences coming from Northern European architecture to the elements of Islamic art up to the undeniable intercessions of classical antiquity.

The tour will make you discover the exteriors and interiors of the "castle" and will describe the secrets in the historical context in which it was built.

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What does the activity include
  • Visit to Castel del Monte
  • Licensed tour guide

Does not include:

  • Entrance ticket to the rooms of Castel del Monte:
  • Cost of parking or services on request for bus or shuttle
How long the activity lasts

The tour including both an external visit and an internal visit to the castle will last two hours.

When your activity starts and finishes

To be agreed directly with the structure

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1 - 54 people
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