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Via A Vespucci 22-b 000 Isola delle FemminePalermo
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Description of L'Isola Diving Center

L'Isola is located in Isola delle Femmine (Palermo-Italy), a small fishing village, characterized by a singular islet at the top of which is a 17th century tower. Since 1997 it has been an oriented nature reserve (R.N.O.) both terrestrial and marine managed by the L.I.P.U. The seabed surrounding the islet is fascinating. During the guided dives we will show you enchanting walls, shoals and caves.

L'Isola has been operating in the field of diving since 1994, the didactics followed are those of P.A.D.I. and P.S.A. There are many diving spots, suitable for all divers, easily reachable by diving boats. The center operates all year round and provides customers with complete diving equipment. It will be possible to deposit the material and use the maintenance and repair service of the center.

The proposals of the L'Isola Diving Center are:

  • Diving courses of all levels,
  • Guided dives,
  • Refill cylinders,
  • Rental of various equipment, such as BCDs, cylinders, regulators, ballasts, etc.,
  • Use of the equipped solarium (deck chairs, umbrellas, etc.),
  • Bar Service,
  • Sailing,
  • Water skiing,
  • Canoe,
  • Bed & Breakfast a few meters from the same club L'Isola.

You will have the opportunity to dive to observe the wonderful seabed surrounding the small islet of Isola delle Femmine, the favorite nest of a large and cheerful colony of seagulls that will keep you company before and after diving, especially in the spring months.
The play of the rocks that give rise to these depths will allow us to plan splendid dives at the most varied depths thus offering itself to the most experienced as well as to beginners.
Already a few meters away you will have the opportunity to admire the fascinating shapes and incredible mimicry abilities of octopuses, the lightning bolt of silver bream, the curious and distrustful swaying of small morays, the numerous forms of hedgehogs and starfish, the very sensitive and very delicate spirographs.

Furthermore, if you have the pleasure of peering into the smallest, you will not miss the appointment with the tiny and colorful nudibranchs. On the slightly deeper seabed, on the other hand, you will have the opportunity to admire the majestic movements of our wonderful groupers, the safe progress of snappers and sea bream and if their curiosity assists us ... it may also happen that you feel observed, look up and, not believing in your eyes, find yourself the object of the attention of a whole herd of very agile amberjacks.
Along the walls it will be easier to meet the defenseless and timid lobsters and on the very inhabited sandy bottoms we will take you to admire the haughty pinna nobilis. To nottalk about the wonderful fans of yellow and red gorgonians, the elegant sea roses, the false coral and the endless seagrass meadows in which numerous other forms of life find refuge.

If you are a lover of photography, there will also be opportunities that will allow you to create suggestive plays of color and to capture those fleeting moments that will be offered to you by all the inhabitants of the seabed. We will take you to admire the most beautiful diving spots located at various depths and therefore for all tastes and different and subjective experiencesacquired.

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