Parco Il Barone Rampante

Via Val di Rocco 06134 Perugia (City) (Perugia)
 Adventure path Pulleys suspended among the trees  Balance on the rope  The log bridge  Platforms suspended on the trees  A long and fun path

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Description of Parco Il Barone Rampante

With the precious contribution of the Municipality of Perugia and the District of Ponte Felcino, the first adventure trail in the Umbria region was created: the Il Barone Rampante Park .

The park is located in the pine forest of Ponte Felcino in the area overlooking the Tiber river and carries out its activity in the summer with the help of 5 instructors.

The attractions that make up the adventure trail are:

  • balance on the rope
  • bird walkway
  • swinging trunks
  • bridge of the lianas
  • walkway of logs
  • Tibetan bridge
  • cableway
  • Tyrolean

The adventure trail, consisting of wooden platforms suspended between the trees, winds at varying heights in the splendid scenery of the pine forest.

The presence of a steel cable stretched between the trees from the beginning to the end of the path, together with the provision of personal safety devices (harness, helmet, lanyard with ferrata carabiners, pulley and gloves), mean that you face "the suspended adventure "becomes risk-free fun.

Younger children can be accompanied along the path with the help of the pulley which, in a joyful journey in height, effortlessly transports them to the final platform.

The paths of the Il Barone Rampante Park are two:

  • Green Route - 11 platforms up to 4 and a half meters high from the ground); easy and suitable for everyone
  • Red route - 18 platforms up to 10 meters high; suitable for children aged 14 and over and for more enterprising adults.

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