Associazione Amici della Montagna Onlus

Via G. Grossi, 36 87020 Belvedere Marittimo (Cosenza)
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Description of Associazione Amici della Montagna Onlus

The Friends of the Mountain Association is a Onlus operating in the field of hiking in the Calabrian territory. Established in its headquarters in Belvedere Marittimo in 2003, the association continues the passion for nature that has always characterized its founders.

The mission of this founding nucleus was and still is to give prominence to activities in a mountainous environment, often less developed as an area in the area, due to the strong emphasis given to the development of coastal proposals.

In addition to the desire to enhance this wealth of the Calabrian territory, then, the creation of a non-profit organization that organized excursions and encouraged hiking in these areas, contributed substantially to monitoring the situation of this habitat, often endangered by frequent fires. malicious.

There are many possible itineraries on the mountains of the province, which develop in a ring or start from the refuge to develop in the nearby mountain ranges.

Associazione Amici della Montagna Onlus also makes its refuge available as a stop for excursions in the area.

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