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 until you become a professional unique emotions  our courses  maneuvering windsurf  in our wonderful lake  a unique sport

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Description of Windsurfcenter

Our Windsurfcenter school in the center of Torbole on Lake Garda is the ideal place to learn about and follow different surfing levels. Here you will find the conditions for taking all types of courses from beginners to more advanced ones.

The school provides students with high quality materials and a team of professional instructors, allowing you to study a program suited to your characteristics and your surfing goals.

  • Beginners Course : gives the theoretical and practical bases to start understanding the world of Windsurfing.
  • Advanced Course : follows the previous course and allows you to perfect the techniques learned.
  • Allround Fun course: improvement of the techniques learned in the improvement course and exercises of more difficult maneuvers.
  • Water start : water start and windward techniques with and without drift
  • Fun : after having learned safely the start from the water, you move on to the use of boards without drift, learning or perfecting the gliding technique.
  • Fun Pro : The Power jibe is the most sought after maneuver by all surfers at this level.
  • Special Fun : new maneuvers are explained to be constantly updated on modern windsurfing techniques.
  • Freestyle for everyone : at this level you can practice maneuvers such as Vulcan, Willy Skipper, Speed Loop, Beat Me, Duck Tack, Reverse Duck Tack, Push Tack.

For some courses the participation of at least two people is required, if this number is not reached, private lessons will be held with the same program. The instructors will use modern monitoring techniques so that the student can see and understand her mistakes and consequently improve.

If you want to receive more information contact Windsurfcenter .

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